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Are you feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or depressed? Our team of expert mental health counselors is here to help. We understand how challenging it can be to navigate through these difficult emotions, but you don't have to face it alone. Whether you're in need of individual therapy, couples counseling, or family therapy, we are ready to provide the support and guidance you need to regain your mental well-being.


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At our clinic, we understand the challenges you may be facing with your mental health. Our team of experienced counselors is here to provide you with the support and guidance you need to overcome any obstacles. With our compassionate approach and evidence-based therapies, we are dedicated to helping you achieve optimal mental well-being. Trust us to be your partner on this journey towards a happier and healthier life.


Meet Leslie Vaughn

Empowering you on your healing journey

Hi, I’m Leslie Vaughn, the owner of SomaMind Counseling Services. With a passion for helping people overcome trauma, I bring a unique perspective as a paraplegic who survived a near-fatal car wreck. As a Certified Trauma Professional and a Certified Narcissistic Abuse Specialist, I use somatic and cognitive techniques to assist in rewiring the brain and providing longer-lasting healing. Trust is important, and I am honored to be considered for your mental health needs. Sliding scale rates available.


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