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Leslie Vaughn

MS, LPC Associate, CTP, CNAS, TX LC# 87209

Mental Health Counseling

Hi I’m Leslie and it’s nice to see you here! I’m the owner of SomaMind Counseling Services. I have been studying to be a therapist since 2006 and earned my MS in Rehabilitation Counseling from University of North Texas in 2011. I moved to Florida shortly after graduating and attended the Clinical Mental Health Counseling program at Hodges University in Fort Myers, Florida. I moved back to Texas and obtained my Licensed Professional Counselor Associate designation in 2021. I’m supervised by Erin T. James, MA, LPC-S, TX LC# 63911.

I survived a near fatal car wreck in 1997 that resulted in a spinal cord injury. I’m a paraplegic that uses a wheelchair. That’s where my passion started in counseling people. Trauma doesn’t have to be a lifelong struggle. Having survived a trauma to that magnitude, gives me a unique perspective.

I have earned my Certified Trauma Professional designation. I am also a Certified Narcissistic Abuse Specialist because that can be a cause of complex trauma. I’m also a Level 3 Brainspotting practitioner. Additionally, I have certification trainings which include DBT, CBT, Addictions and Personality Disorders.

What makes me unique is that I use somatic (body) and cognitive (mind) techniques, not just talk therapy.

Trauma is an emotional experience that is stored in the body. I use techniques assisting in rewiring the brain and nervous system responses to trauma that your brain hasn’t time stamped into the past. I specialize in getting to the root cause issues to provide for longer lasting healing.

It is my privilege and honor to work with people along their healing journey. I realize the importance in choosing someone you trust with your mental health and I take it very seriously. Thank you for considering SomaMind Counseling Services for you needs!

Note: I offer a sliding scale rate for certain clients.

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